Affordable, Reliable, And Trustworthy. 

Our 5 acre yard carries recycled vehicles with thousands of car parts for you. We do the hard work of dismantling and having every part ready to go. Just give us a call, order your part and either you can come pick it up or we can deliver it to your door for a small fee. 
Car Engine
Side Mirror
A/C Equipment
Tail Lamp
Spare Parts

Auto Dismantling

Why not save good car parts from junk cars that no longer run because of manufacture details or engines? We also buy vehicles that have been in car accidents, other car yards, car auctions, and when people want to offer us their car. Our 17 years of experience we have in the market also created 17 years of long term relationships that helps our clients find what they are looking for. 

Saving Car Parts

We dismantle the vehicles that come in through the front gates of our yards. We then seperate the parts that work with those that no longer work. Once we have that inventory, we restock our shelves and sometimes even discount them for you!

From Vehicles That Are Hard To Find

Our 5 acre yard carries vehicles from the 1900's to modern day cars. If we don't carry it we will look for it. Your car part is in our hands for an affordable price.  

Plus Engines and Transmissions

Engines, Transmissions, Axles, Hoses, Fans, Radiators, Wheels, Converters, and More! Mendoza Auto Dismantling has it all. Give us a call today and get any quote for any part. 

Our Testimonials

  • "Great services great prices. Just fixed my truck done on time and looked new again. If they say they can do they mean it. Hard find good people. And they are great people."
    John Bensusen
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
  • "Great attention customer service and prices. Hablan su idioma y le proveen las opciones que le pueden ayudar."
    Luis Enrique Hernandez
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
  • "Great service , quality parts great prices !!!!!!!"
    Ramiro Iniguez
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.

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    Mendoza Auto Dismantling is known around Bakersfield for providing quality auto parts at an affordable price.  Along with an extensive selection of auto parts we also buy vehicles working or non-operating. 
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